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Customized cover letter generator.

AI Cover Letter Builder is a powerful, AI-driven tool designed to help job seekers quickly and efficiently create personalized and professional cover letters. The tool requires users to upload their resume and the job description to generate a cover letter in seconds. It then uses AI to analyze the resume and extract key information, which is used to generate a cover letter tailored to the job.The cover letter is generated quickly and can be exported as a PDF, edited, or copied into an email. It also offers users the option to create multiple versions of the cover letter for different jobs. Additionally, there are several subscription plans available, depending on the number of jobs the user is applying for. The tool is used by thousands of customers, and can be used to create cover letters for a variety of roles, including those in pharma, retail, HR, manufacturing, talent, and tech.

Ai Promptly

Featured on May 18, 2022



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