Writers brew

Accelerates writing with prompts and creativity support.

Writer’s Brew is an AI assistant designed to help users accelerate their reading and writing 10x faster and better. It works across all browsers, native apps, and electron apps, allowing users to access it from any platform. It comes with 50+ presets, including ‘Explain Like I’m 5’ and ‘Summarize & Takeaways’. It also includes a ‘Brew Magic Writer’ tool, which uses instructions and input text to generate creative pieces of writing. Additionally, it has a ‘Smart Reply to Email’ feature that allows users to generate text directly in text editors or in a mini window.The Raycast and Writer’s Brew AI integration allows users to do things such as fix grammar, improve fluency, translate text, explain concepts like they’re 5, and summarize content. It also includes a ‘Build Your Own Presets’ (BYOP) feature, which allows users to create and save their own prompts as presets. Writer’s Brew is available in three different ways: a dropdown menu, a handy menubar, and a full app experience. It is cost effective, 10x-100x cheaper than other services. It is currently available for macOS, with an iOS version in the works. The Early Believers Pro Plan is available for $29, with a Launch Pro Plan for $49-$89. The low cost of Writer’s Brew is due to the use of the user’s own OpenAI key and the avoidance of managing servers beyond minimum needs.

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Featured on December 15, 2022



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