Writefull Academizer

Helps convert informal to formal academic language.

Writefull’s Academizer is a tool that helps users rewrite their informal language into formal academic language. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has been trained to convert language from informal to formal. To use the Academizer, users simply enter a sentence and hit ‘Academize’. The AI then generates a formal version of the sentence.The Academizer is free to use and all text sent to and from Writefull’s servers is encrypted. It was created by Writefull’s team of experts in AI/NLP and linguistics, and is designed to make the writing of academic texts such as essays, papers, and theses easier. It is part of a suite of tools that also includes a Title Generator, Abstract Generator, and Paraphraser. The Academizer is easy to use, secure, and free to access. It is perfect for students, researchers, institutions, and publishers looking to quickly and accurately convert their informal language into formal academic language.

Ai Promptly

Featured on October 25, 2022



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