Write My PRD

Assistance in generating product requirement documents.

WriteMyPRD is an AI-powered tool built to make writing product requirement documents (PRDs) easier. It is powered by GPT-3, a powerful natural language processing model that is able to generate a PRD for any product, and provides resources to help users get started. This tool is built by the product builders at Olvy and The Product Folks, and can be accessed through a Slack download.WriteMyPRD helps users begin a PRD document by providing basic information about a product, such as the product name, feature name, and an overview of the product. It also helps users to define their requirements by providing a feature list, user feedback, and other details. To get started, users should provide the tool with top-level information and let the tool do the rest.WriteMyPRD also provides a number of resources to help users write an effective PRD, such as a step-by-step guide by Razorpay, Lenny’s newsletter with product management templates, and product requirement document templates to get started quickly. This tool is a great starting point for users who are looking to create a PRD for their product and need help getting started.

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Featured on December 30, 2022



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