Wraith Docs

Google Docs automated writing.

Wraith Docs is a Google Docs AI Assistant that provides users with a suite of AI tools to make creating and editing documents 10 times faster. The AI tools allow users to quickly paraphrase, expand, simplify, and optimize their document with keyword optimization, add text, and flexible prompt input. The open beta version of Wraith Docs is free and semi-unlimited, providing users with up to 250,000 tokens which can be used to process 187,500 words. It is important to remember that Wraith Docs is a Google Docs add-on, meaning it can only be used in combination with Google Docs. It also includes links to the company’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Contact. Wraith Docs is a trademark of Google LLC and is copyright 2023.

Ai Promptly

Featured on February 6, 2023



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