Freelance proposal creation.

WorkifAI is an AI tool that helps freelancers and small businesses improve their productivity and revenues by automating proposal writing and project estimation. Its personalized AI model analyzes previous projects and improves over time to craft impressive proposals that help attract new clients. In addition, WorkifAI’s AI model predicts project timelines, making it easier for freelancers and small businesses to manage their workload and deadlines more efficiently. The tool also includes a CRM feature that keeps track of clients effortlessly and generates professionally written, AI-generated emails to share proposals. Users can share their proposals with clients in an online format or as downloadable PDFs, whichever way client prefers to review and accept proposals. WorkifAI’s goal is to eliminate unpaid work by automating scope work and freeing up more time for users to focus on delivering high-quality services.Overall, WorkifAI is a valuable AI tool for freelancers and small businesses who want to save time and focus on delivering outstanding services by streamlining the proposal writing process, minimizing scope work, and improving project management efficiency.

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Featured on January 4, 2023



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