Cloud SEO platform: writes, optimizes, tracks, aids.

Wordmetrics is an AI-powered SEO tool designed specifically for content writers. Its cloud-based platform allows users to write and optimize their content from any web browser. The platform’s AI-assisted writing environment uses semantic analysis to guide writing in real-time and optimize posts’ “contextual DNA” for target keywords. Wordmetrics learns from competing pages and boosts relevance to search intent. This tool provides users with live search data and real-time semantic highlighting to monitor the importance of specific words and phrases to search engines. Additionally, it scores work for contextual relevance to targeted search phrases and provides a readability analysis to keep marketing content easy to read and attractive to search engines. Wordmetrics also features “Intelligent Taxonomy,” which uses natural language processing and semantic analysis to learn from competing web pages and help users write content that users are searching for. This tool helps users breathe new life into old posts, as well as new content, and ensures that all content is optimized for maximum traffic. Overall, Wordmetrics is designed to help content marketers and writers write smarter, faster, and more profitably by leveraging AI-powered writing and optimization tools.

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Featured on June 16, 2021



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