Simplifies scientific writing process for researchers.

Wisio is an AI-powered platform that simplifies scientific writing. The tool offers a range of benefits to users, including personalized suggestions for text, translation of non-English text into scientific English, and the ability to search and reference the latest scientific findings. The platform also offers an English correction tool to eliminate language barriers and ensure that writing is easily understood by colleagues and reviewers. The platform’s features streamline the scientific writing process, allowing users to create papers with ease. Users can receive scientifically sound suggestions based on input and targeted keywords, ensuring that the finished content is of a high standard. Wisio also extracts keywords from text and allows users to quickly search for the best citations on PubMed, saving time and effort.One of the standout features of Wisio is its ability to translate non-English text into scientifically precise English. This feature makes science accessible to a global audience and eliminates language barriers that can impede collaboration and progress in the field. Overall, Wisio offers a range of innovative tools to simplify the scientific writing process, making it easier for researchers to communicate their findings and collaborate with colleagues around the world.

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Featured on January 11, 2023



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