Retention helper for web-based learning.

Wisdolia is a browser extension designed to help users retain information with the help of flashcards. It allows users to generate flashcards from any article on the internet with questions related to the content, enabling them to ingrain what they read more effectively. The tool provides three to five question and answer prompts to help enhance the user’s understanding of the article. Furthermore, by actively trying to guess the answers, users can engage in an active retrieval process that helps to keep the information in their memory for longer. Wisdolia’s interface is easy to use. Once a user installs the extension, they can open it and click ‘Generate Flashcards’ while reading an article. The extension will then prompt the user to save selected questions and answers as a flashcard. The user can save each card to the Anki spaced-repetition platform to enhance their retention of important knowledge. In summary, Wisdolia is a convenient browser extension that helps users retain and recall important information when browsing the web. By providing quick flashcards with thoughtful questions and answers, it encourages active learning and retention of key material.

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Featured on February 24, 2023



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