Personalized e-commerce video marketing. is an AI-powered marketing platform designed specifically for e-commerce brands to help them acquire, retain and grow customers. It allows brands to create personalized videos to send out to their customers at scale, with no limit on the number of videos they can create. Windsor integrates seamlessly with popular tools such as Klaviyo, Zapier, WooCommerce and others, making setup simple and efficient.Windsor’s personalization capabilities have helped increase repurchase rates and brand loyalty, as well as recover abandoned carts. According to case studies, customers are 87% more likely to return when receiving a personalized video from the brands they shop with, and this results in a 176% increase in revenue from recovered carts. Furthermore, Windsor’s winback campaigns have been proven to be three times more effective when personalized.Customers have been highly satisfied with Windsor’s technology, with many citing its ability to create meaningful connections with their customers thanks to the personalized videos. This has led to an increase in user-generated content, and an increase in open and conversion rates.

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Featured on June 5, 2022



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