Whiskey AI

Effortless content creation for diverse fields.

Whiskey Canvas Whiteboard is an AI-based tool designed to help students, journalists, and professionals create well-crafted content with minimal effort and time. The tool utilizes natural language processing to break up speech into context and command, and then generates the text with state-of-the-art AI. Whiskey offers several modes to generate content, including General Mode, Essay/Article Mode, Bullet Mode, and Wizard Mode.General Mode allows users to give a command such as “Write that as a marketing post” and Whiskey will convert the dictated text into a marketing post. Essay/Article Mode can generate passages of prose up to 1000 words, and works best for passages of 150-300+ words. Bullet Mode is best for short-form content and allows users to generate 20-word bullets that can be finetuned with the wizard. Wizard Mode is the most intricate and offers the most potential, allowing users to edit existing text and create new text based on existing text.Whiskey Canvas Whiteboard enables users to quickly and easily generate content without sacrificing quality. It is an invaluable tool for students, journalists, and professionals who need to express their thoughts into well-written text formats.

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Featured on December 28, 2022



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