Automated recruitment matching and integration.

Wade and Wendy is an AI tool that specializes in recruiting automation, assisting recruiters in finding relevant and interested job seekers. Wade, the chatbot system of Wade and Wendy, ingests job descriptions and identifies potential candidate matches, as well as manages email marketing campaigns and chat conversations with applicants. Wendy, on the other hand, contacts job seekers on a targeted basis from a database of 150 million talent profiles and promotes job listings. In addition, Wendy seamlessly integrates with existing applicant tracking systems (ATS), calibrates chat or evaluation criteria from parsed job descriptions, and can guide candidates through various recruitment processes. Furthermore, Wade and Wendy have an internal development team that can support companies’ integration requirements.Wade and Wendy provides a consolidated solution for recruiters to source and engage the best talent through AI automation, leading to more informed hiring decisions. Their suite of capabilities includes automated sourcing and engagement, job requisition marketing and distribution, role-specific screening and recommendations, coordination of scheduling and additional recruitment steps, and secure integration with other recruitment technology vendors. Wade and Wendy’s technology tackles noisy, unfiltered pipelines by strategically promoting job listings to the right job boards and recommending talent for recruitment. Additionally, the tool provides resources such as blog posts, updates, and a contact page. Interested applicants also have the opportunity to request a demo to learn more about the tool’s capabilities.

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Featured on May 6, 2020



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