Tailored care for long COVID sufferers.

WELLNESS.XYZ is an AI tool designed to provide guidance and care for Long COVID patients to manage their symptoms. Created by a fellow Long COVID patient, the tool combines empathy with science to offer up-to-date personalized solutions for individuals dealing with Long COVID. Users can schedule a virtual session with the tool to gain insights on how to manage their symptoms, and find relevant guidance and care that suits their specific needs.The tool aims to ease the burden of dealing with Long COVID symptoms, which can often be challenging to navigate, even with the guidance of medical professionals. As a result, WELLNESS.XYZ offers a platform for individuals to receive personalized, evidence-based guidance and care, which can help them manage their symptoms better.The tool’s focus on science and empathy indicates a human-centered approach that aims to provide compassionate care while leveraging the best available scientific knowledge to guide treatment. For Long COVID patients, this approach can offer a much-needed sense of support and structure to navigate their often-changing symptoms.Overall, WELLNESS.XYZ appears to be a valuable resource for Long COVID patients who are looking for guidance and care to manage their symptoms. With its combination of empathy and science, the tool is well-positioned to provide personalized insights and solutions to those who need it most.

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Featured on March 30, 2023



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