Wallet AI

Intelligence-based insights for financial advice.

Wallet.AI is a San Francisco-based company that creates intelligent engines for helping people make better financial decisions. Their AI tool analyses millions of pieces of data to provide location-based financial advice to users. Their aim is to enhance the customer analytics service for banks and capital markets, especially in personal finance. Using smart machines, Wallet.AI informs users about their financial behavior and recommends better options for daily financial decisions. The company has been featured by NPR, Wired, Institutional Investor, and others, receiving positive feedback on their work. They provide users with a way to monitor and quantify their finances, empowering them to make informed decisions. Wallet.AI builds intelligent engines that automatically extract and process data to provide insights to users. The company has a website that includes a request invite feature for users to access their AI tool. Wallet.AI invites developers and journalists to contact them for more information. Overall, Wallet.AI’s tool is a useful resource for people looking to improve their daily financial decisions using AI technology.

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Featured on October 3, 2016



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