Efficient micro-meeting platform with assistant.

Waitroom is an online platform designed for structured micro-meetings. The tool is aimed at helping teams share knowledge with greater efficiency, and encourages thoughtful participation through a focused, timed format. The platform offers a range of use cases, including daily stand-ups, office hours, design reviews, panel interviews, culture building, and 1-on-1 meetings. Waitroom features a queue and timer format, which helps to eliminate Zoom fatigue, distractions, and pointless waffling. With up to 2,000 people, the platform provides equal opportunity for contributions, and users can chime in for brief comments or use emoji reactions to indicate sentiment. Key features include screen sharing, transcripts and AI summaries, Slack and Google Cal integration, clipped recordings, meeting templates, and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Waitroom’s AI-powered meeting assistant, Summa, helps combat meeting fatigue and strengthen focus, making meetings more productive and efficient. The platform has received positive reviews from users who appreciate its user-friendly design and efficient meeting format, which streamlines communication and collaboration. Investors in Waitroom include Craft Ventures, Floodgate, Founder Collective, Valor, Signia, and 20VC. Overall, Waitroom is a reliable tool for teams looking to improve their productivity and communication during meetings.

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Featured on March 20, 2023



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