Tailored career advice & job search platform.

Wade & Wendy is an AI-enabled platform that provides a personalized career guidance and job search experience for individuals seeking career advancement opportunities. Wade, the personal career guide and assistant, interacts with users to understand their skills, experiences, interests, and goals, and helps them navigate the professional landscape to find the right opportunities for their professional growth. As users continue to interact with Wade, the system learns and becomes smarter, able to make more informed suggestions of job opportunities and relevant content over time. In addition to personalized career guidance, Wade also offers features such as career journaling, job search assistance, and access to many job opportunities that fit the user’s experience and interests. The platform is free for talent and supports individuals in documenting their career progression in real-time, rather than simply updating their resume or profile periodically. Wade & Wendy also supports companies in acquiring talent and making informed recommendations throughout the recruiting process. The platform emphasizes user privacy and offers detailed information on how user data is handled. Overall, Wade & Wendy offers an innovative, personalized approach to career guidance and job search, leveraging AI technologies to support individuals in achieving their professional goals.

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Featured on May 6, 2020



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