Compose emails with voice input.

VoxReply is an AI writing assistant that helps users to compose email replies using their voice. The tool accepts any pasted email message as a basis for a reply and allows users to record their reply ideas using their voice. The AI assistant then takes over the task of constructing a grammatically correct and contextually relevant reply. The tool offers users the option to choose between different write-up styles such as informal, business, friendly, and formal. In addition, it supports multiple languages, including English, Arabic, French, German, Japanese, and many more. Users can select their desired language and generate an email reply, which can be copied to the clipboard or sent directly from the website.It is worth noting that the website has a feature that caters to visually-impaired individuals. However, users should be aware that the tool may share their input data with third-party services like OpenAI, Google Cloud, and Pipedream. Upon successful email reply generation, the website will attempt to delete the information from these services if feasible. The tool is powered by Findly.ai, a chatbot platform for data warehouses that promises 97% faster insights. The website includes a waitlist link for users interested in trying the chatbot. Overall, VoxReply is a time-saving solution for those who struggle with writing effective email responses or need to reply to emails quickly. It takes advantage of the natural language processing prowess of AI to aid in constructing appropriate responses accurately.

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Featured on April 4, 2023



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