Software that transcribes audio and video content.

Voicetapp is an AI-powered cloud-based software that converts audio or video content into text with up to 100% accuracy. It can be used for podcast transcription, subtitle generation, conference call transcription, marketing content creation and more. Using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Voicetapp supports over 170 languages and dialects, speaker identification for up to 5 speakers and multiple audio input formats. The software also supports live transcription in 12 languages and has a super clean and easy to use dashboard. Voicetapp also offers auto punctuation that automatically identifies punctuation, and a FAQ section to provide more information about the software. Voicetapp offers three pricing plans for 60 minutes, 180 minutes, and 480 minutes with varying audio file sizes. It also provides customers with a free trial and reviews from happy customers.

Ai Promptly

Featured on September 6, 2022



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