Create audio versions of articles and blogs.

Voicera is an AI-powered tool that allows users to give voice to their articles and blogs in a one-click process. The tool supports over 200 languages and dialects, and provides natural, life-like voices for the audio output. Voicera makes it easy for users to create audio versions of their content, increasing engagement and reaching more potential listeners. Voicera also boasts a lightweight embed of only 2.2KB, so that it never slows down the user’s website. Additionally, Voicera provides three simple pricing plans for users to choose from based on their needs. Voicera has already proved to be beneficial for content creators and brands, as it provides access to over 200 million more users worldwide, increases brand value, and makes content more accessible to those with vision impairments. With a wide selection of languages and dialects, natural-sounding voices, and a lightweight embed, Voicera is an excellent tool for creating audio versions of articles and blogs.

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Featured on August 21, 2021



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