Transcribe voice notes for better communication.

VoiceLine is an AI tool that allows users to record and drop voice notes directly into their daily tools, such as CRM, project management software, or shared documents. VoiceLines are fully transcribed and summarized voice notes that offer better understanding, tone, and connection than text messages. The tool works on any device and is compatible with any tool on a desktop or mobile device. VoiceLine provides users with ultimate control of all their asynchronous notifications through its VoiceLine Hub. The hub gives an instant overview of every VoiceLine sent or received. VoiceLine unlocks communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and organizing across all applications. Users can give meaningful input remotely, accelerate documentation, debriefs and handover, capture ideas and tasks anywhere, replace meetings, and unblock their team using the tool. VoiceLine also provides several features to enhance users’ experience, including automatic transcription, interactive text, smart keywords, custom vocabulary, and noise cancellation. The tool reduces feedback loops, saves time and makes idle time productive by allowing users to turn downtime into a time to work on the go. VoiceLine provides a free 14-day trial, is GDPR-compliant, and certified by DataGuard.

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Featured on July 21, 2021



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