Transcribed spoken language analyzed for meaning.

Voiceful is a toolkit developed by Voctro Labs, S.L. which uses voice to create new ways of expressing oneself. It works by using voice recognition technology to transform verbal input into text, allowing users to capture their ideas in an efficient and intuitive way. The toolkit also provides users with a variety of features, such as customisable templates, automated transcription, and natural language processing tools. Voiceful is designed to help people communicate better, and its use is subject to Voctro Labs’ General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Voctro Labs holds the intellectual and industrial property rights for the content of the toolkit, and any use not previously authorised by the company is strictly forbidden. Furthermore, Voctro Labs does not assume any liability for any improper use of the toolkit, and the user is solely responsible for any damages arising from its use. The toolkit also employs Google Analytics cookies, and users should consult Google’s privacy page for further information.

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Featured on December 14, 2021



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