Vocads Survey

Conversational feedback collection for businesses.

Vocads is an AI-driven survey platform that reinvents the customer survey experience. It enables companies to collect richer data and gain real, honest and complete answers from their customers by using voice conversations with AI. This leads to more accurate and detailed customer insights, which enable companies to adjust their strategies and retain their clients. The platform is easy to use, with no coding required and can be used to survey customers and employees alike. It also provides data sovereignty and GDPR compliance, allowing companies to have full control over their data. Vocads collects more than just words and information, allowing companies to gain insight into customer feelings and emotional responses. Additionally, it allows for surveys to be sent to customers in real-time, leading to higher engagement. Through its partners and clients, Vocads has received positive feedback about its technology and its ability to enhance customer experience. Vocads also provides regular blog posts and a newsletter to keep users up to date on the latest trends in voice data.

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Featured on July 27, 2020



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