Insight generation and meeting optimization.

Versational™ is an AI-Driven Conversation Enablement Platform that enables users to capture the most important insights from conversations, compress 1-hour meetings into 6 minutes of insights, and auto-export tasks to CRM. The platform utilizes the latest in behavioral science metrics to make coaching easier and faster. It also provides AI-powered custom topic trackers that assist in discovering valuable insights, such as identified needs, objections, and buyer perceived value. It can also detect action items and issues automatically with up to 84% accuracy and can assign, schedule and confirm action items with just one click. Additionally, it provides AI-Topics™ that lets users track custom topics with greater accuracy than keywords and unsupervised topics that can find emerging themes. Versational™ is a powerful tool for sales teams, virtual education, product marketing, training and onboarding, recruiting, and project and program management.

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Featured on February 6, 2022



Create, deploy and monitor ML models on a platform.