Universal Data

Diversify data sets for research/testing in any field.

Universal Data Generator is an AI-powered tool used to generate data on-the-fly. It allows users to specify fields they would like to generate data for, and then create the data using its AI knowledge. It is especially useful for creating data sets for research, testing, or creating data visualizations. It can be used to generate data such as lists of Iranian protesters, bitcoin wallets and balances, national football teams, cannabis e-commerce, Japanese cities, best selling dog chews, thoriphant characteristics, used car searches, modern artists, wolf, dog, horse, thoriphant, tiger, and human characteristics, top 20 most shared Twitter posts, top 10 low code platforms, French cities, Kyrgyzstan mobile WhatsApp numbers, Turkish recipes, charge point operators, equations, wine tastings, best profitable businesses, French school subjects, competitors of Outsystems, French ecological building regulations, art styles, wooden fencing, short trips in Strasbourg, Chinese population, taxi companies, Detroit neighborhoods, FIFA World Cup 2022 rankings, mochi, Bulgaria, startups on plastic from hemp, wolf and mice characteristics, train hacking skills, NSA whistleblowers, Makati condo for rent residences, network activity statistics, and Spanish cities.

Ai Promptly

Featured on December 21, 2022



Create, deploy and monitor ML models on a platform.