Efficiently collaborated game prototyping.

Unakin is a generative AI tool designed for game studios. Its main function is to help game developers create game prototypes faster and more efficiently. With Unakin, developers can tap into limitless ideas and suggestions for game mechanics, find out what’s currently popular with customers, and test potential game mechanics without the need for coding or technical expertise. The AI tool enables co-creation between developers and the AI copilot, which helps to research, ideate, and build prototypes. It does this by utilizing multiple AI models that are designed to give developers creative superpowers. Ground-breaking AI technology ensures that Unakin can build prototypes iteratively and without coding or developer resources, helping game studios to build games 100 times faster. Unakin also emphasizes the importance of community, and offers developers the opportunity to join its Discord server or waitlist. The AI tool’s community-driven approach aims to foster collaboration and promote creativity among its users. In summary, Unakin is a tool that enables game development studios to create game prototypes quickly and effectively, empowering developers with ideation, research, and co-creation capabilities to help them bring their game ideas to life.

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Featured on March 29, 2023



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