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Tutor Mind is an AI-powered teaching assistant designed to make the work of teachers easier and save them time. The tool offers six simple yet powerful features for teachers to streamline their lesson planning, grading, and plagiarism detection tasks. With Tutor Mind, teachers can easily create lesson plans using structured templates or create their own content. The tool’s advanced AI detector allows teachers to quickly check if their student’s work contains any plagiarism. The essay grading marking tool has three difficulty levels, making it easy for teachers to grade their class’s work. Tutor Mind also offers an AI-powered assistant to help teachers plan their entire lessons and mark their students’ work. The tool is optimized for larger screens and offers a lightning-fast application for efficient work. With Tutor Mind, teachers can save their results and continue where they left off. Signing up for Tutor Mind is free, and users get 30 free credits upon sign up, with no card details required. Each account gets allocated 2GB of storage, with more available upon request. Tutor Mind offers endless possibilities and allows teachers to provide quality education while making their workload easier.

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Featured on March 22, 2023



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