Story-based coding exercises.

Turing.School’s AI boosted exercise platform is designed to generate coding exercises based on a selected story background. The platform allows users to choose a story background in sci-fi, horror, magic, or funny genres, and then design coding exercises using keywords or their own start. The AI will then generate the rest of the exercise based on the given inputs. An example of an exercise is one where the user is tasked with creating a program to help a small town fight a zombie outbreak by creating a list of weapons and assigning each resident a weapon and a zombie to defend against. The platform also includes an AI tutor that can answer questions about the exercise, eliminating the need to wait for human assistance. Additionally, the user can subscribe to the newsletter to receive news and deals from Turing.School. Overall, Turing.School’s AI boosted exercise platform is a useful tool for anyone looking to improve their coding skills while having fun with creative story backgrounds. The platform’s AI technology adds an element of interactivity and personalization to the traditional coding exercise process, making it an innovative and enjoyable learning experience.

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Featured on March 17, 2023



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