Tune the ads

Fast and accurate Google Ads optimization.

TuneTheAds is an AI-powered tool designed to help advertisers, agencies and freelancers get the most out of their Google Ads campaigns. It works by analyzing a website’s content and generating optimized search ads copies and keywords based on it, which can then be published to the Google Ads campaign. This process is much faster than manual A/B testing and tuning procedures, and can save time and money on copywriting, targeting and ads management. The AI engine powering TuneTheAds has been trained on terabytes of data and numerous ads for years, allowing it to quickly and accurately generate the best performing “keyword – headline – description” combinations to boost conversion rates. All the user needs to do is enter a URL and click “Generate”. The results can be reviewed and edited before they are submitted. TuneTheAds is currently in a closed beta, and is looking for companies or agencies interested in ad optimization. It offers three plans – Basic, Standard and Cooperative – each of which offers varying levels of AI models, ad generation speed, and variability range. No matter what plan is chosen, TuneTheAds promises to shorten the road to better performance from weeks to minutes.

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Featured on November 8, 2022



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