Generated email content for marketing.

Tugan.ai is an AI tool for generating marketing emails quickly and easily. Users can either upload their own content or provide a topic to generate a variety of different email options. The AI-generated emails are designed to be educational and promotional, with the goal of increasing conversion rates and building stronger relationships with readers. Tugan.ai is designed for users who want to save time while improving their email marketing strategy. The tool aims to simplify the process of creating effective marketing emails by automating the content generation process. Users are able to select the emails they like best and send them with just one click. Tugan.ai distinguishes itself from other AI email generation tools by focusing on profit rather than “bullshit.” The tool aims to produce emails that are opened, read, and generate sales. Tugan.ai is currently in beta and is available for free.

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Featured on December 25, 2022



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