Personalized education simplification for learners.

Trellis is an AI-powered education tool that simplifies any highlighted text to an arbitrary level of complexity for learners. It functions as a personal tutor for individuals who want to learn anything. With Trellis, learners can get a Socratic guide that explains any material, and even quizzes them for better understanding. The tool allows learners to simplify and understand any diagram from their textbooks, and they can also ask questions without feeling embarrassed. Trellis was built by people from top institutions such as Stanford, Nvidia, OpenAI, and Meta, and it is affordable, as learners get personal tutoring at the price of a sandwich. The tool makes learning more accessible and less intimidating. Learners can also share the books they want to read, and Trellis will move them up the waitlist, making it easier for them to learn at their own pace. Overall, Trellis is designed to enhance learning experiences by using AI to simplify materials, providing personalized tutoring, and making it easy for everyone to learn without feeling overwhelmed.

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Featured on March 3, 2023



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