Retail trading w/ trade ideas & dashboards.

Tradytics is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven trading toolkit designed for retail traders. It provides comprehensive trade ideas, live options flow, extensive scanners, market dashboards, and ticker dashboards. It also offers long-term portfolios and technical analysis tools. The AI engine analyzes millions of data points to generate trade ideas, helping traders make informed decisions. The tools are accessible on Web, iOS and Android, making the platform easy to use on all devices. The platform is trusted by over 48,000 users and 15,000 traders have joined the Discord server. Traders have reported success, with many making 4x their investments in a day and up to 345% in their “gambling” accounts. The community is active and provides insights and support to new traders. With Tradytics, retail traders can access the same data and insights as the big guns on Wall Street.

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Featured on July 14, 2020



Create, deploy and monitor ML models on a platform.