Algorithmic analysis-based trading advice for investors.

TradeCalls is an AI-powered trading assistant that offers automated trading advice to investors. It uses algorithms, formulas, mathematics and news to analyze millions of data points, and then executes trades based on its analysis to maximize profits. It is compatible with virtually all exchanges and asset types, and can be used to automate manual technical analysis, speed up analysis, improve accuracy, reduce costly mistakes, and find winning trade setups. It also includes features like TradeCalls Exchange Integration, AI-powered trade timing, and a market scanner. It is available in a 7-day trial, monthly, yearly, Pro, Pro+, and Premium subscription packages. The Pro package includes trading signals for a period of 1 day, and the Pro+ package includes a personal trader manager and risk management. The Premium package includes everything in Pro+ and access to the TradeCalls platform. TradeCalls has been tested with great success, with returns of $13,630 on BTCUSDT, $22,000 on LTCUSDT, $7,620 on ETHUSDT, $5,240 on TSLA, $6,450 on XLE, $3,400 on BA, and $17,144 on AMC over a 12-month period. It is a secure platform, with payments made through PayPal and credit cards, and refunds available for annual auto-renewing subscriptions. It is also highly rated, with users praising its accuracy and profitability.

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Featured on February 3, 2023



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