Assisting virtual teams in meeting productivity.

tl;dv is an AI-driven tool that helps teams increase their productivity and efficiency in virtual meetings. tl;dv records, highlights, edits, shares, and downloads moments from Google Meet and Zoom. It also provides users with analytics to better understand the dynamics of their meetings. tl;dv offers a variety of use cases, such as recording online meetings for free, reducing time spent in meetings, having more effective meetings, sharing meeting insights faster, scaling recruiting and hiring, onboarding and training, amplifying the voice of the customer, improving transparency, collaborating across time zones, cross-functional collaboration, and following up effectively. In addition, tl;dv can be used for roles such as UX/User Research, Hiring & Recruiting, Product Development, Sales, and Customer Success. It offers both a free and pro plan and provides a blog. Users can also log in and try the tool for free.

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Featured on January 11, 2022



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