Productivity platform automating meetings.

TIMZ.FLOWERS is an all-in-one meeting platform that utilizes the power of AI, video conferencing, and asynchronous meetings to increase productivity for distributed teams. The platform offers an AI intelligence feature that can automate tasks like video summaries, meeting recaps, and notes for enhanced efficiency. Its feature-rich video calls include recording, collaborative note-taking, transcripts, timestamps, and more. Additionally, TIMZ.FLOWERS provides the option for asynchronous meetings when a live call isn’t possible. The platform also features automated follow-ups and advanced video editing for important meeting insights. TIMZ.FLOWERS ensures that team members are informed even if they can’t attend meetings with AI-generated text summaries, video summaries, follow-ups, and action items. It allows users to share agenda points, create action items, and upload files for everyone to have access to relevant materials during and after the meeting, making each meeting action-oriented. The platform also saves users’ time on meeting follow-ups by automatically sending email recaps after every meeting to keep their teams aligned and clear about what was discussed.Privacy for users and their data is a top priority for TIMZ.FLOWERS, and the platform has been designed to keep information confidential and secure. The platform is praised for its innovation, ease of use, and price point in comparison to other similar tools in the market. TIMZ.FLOWERS also offers a knowledge base and support for users to ensure they have the best possible experience.

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Featured on December 25, 2022



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