An app that categorizes and logs productivity.

TimeMaster is an AI-powered productivity app that helps users maximize their focus and productivity. It works by automatically detecting what users are working on, categorizing activities, tagging projects, and even writing time logs. TimeMaster helps users take control of their time by tracking their usage and providing tools to schedule regular breaks, set and track goals, and receive notifications when they’re overworking or distracted.TimeMaster also takes privacy seriously, and data is stored exclusively on users’ local device and encrypted for extra security. With TimeMaster, users can discover their most productive hours, identify their top distractions, and get detailed weekly and monthly reports to gain insights into their work-life balance. TimeMaster also offers an in-depth analysis of work habits, auto project overviews, auto time logs, and focus and distraction metrics. All of these features help users optimize their productivity and make adjustments for improved productivity and well-being. TimeMaster is free to use with limited features, and users can upgrade to a premium plan to access all advanced features.

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Featured on August 25, 2022



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