Thumbnail AI

Improves YouTube thumbnail click-through rates.

ThumbnailAi is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool designed to evaluate YouTube thumbnails and help users maximize clicks and exposure. ThumbnailAi evaluates thumbnails based on a range of criteria, such as size, color, composition, and design elements. It then provides an AI rating that predicts how well the thumbnail will perform. The tool was designed using low-code technology with, and was developed by @ybouane in Montreal. ThumbnailAi can be used in a variety of ways to benefit users. It can be used to assess the performance of existing thumbnails and make necessary adjustments, or to evaluate potential thumbnails before they are used. The ratings provided by ThumbnailAi can also be used to compare thumbnails and choose the one that is most likely to result in the highest clicks and maximum exposure. In short, ThumbnailAi is an AI-driven tool that provides users with a comprehensive evaluation of YouTube thumbnails to help maximize click-through rate and exposure.

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Featured on February 7, 2023



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