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THATSHALLOT is a platform that offers eye-wateringly funny real news articles. It covers various categories such as business, finance, politics, and tech, among others. Each article on the platform delivers humorous takes on the latest news stories, presenting them in an entertaining and engaging manner. The website does not provide exact numbers or figures but offers options to subscribe, contact or advertise. For example, in the business category, articles cover topics ranging from millionaire hoarders battling for Michael Jordan’s sneakers to Walmart’s electric utopia to charge cars while buying socks. Similarly, in the politics category, articles highlight world leaders performing delicate dances of diplomacy, EU-Sino political tête-à-tête, and UK government’s gift of sound of anxiety. THATSHALLOT utilizes AI tools to comb through various news sources and provide real news updates that cater to its audience’s preference for light-hearted and funny articles. Overall, the platform aims to provide a refreshing take on current events while entertaining its users.

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Featured on March 29, 2023



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