A text generation solution for keyword-driven content.

Text Generator is an AI-based text generation tool that is fast, affordable and private. Its advanced large neural networks are used to create realistic text generation at competitive costs. The tool features a free tier with 100 requests per month, fast API endpoints with sub-second average response times and accurate, natural native-sounding text generation. Additionally, Text Generator offers flexible prompt engineering, which allows users to guide text creation through keywords and natural questions. It also offers industry-leading security, with personal information never kept on their servers in any form. The tool supports multi-lingual text generation in almost any language and even provides one-line migration from OpenAI text generation. Text Generator also offers a speech-to-text API with 0.00005 USD per second pricing and a shared embedding for multiple spoken languages, images and code.

Ai Promptly

Featured on June 29, 2022



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