Assisted job seekers aced behavioral interviews.

Tellmeaboutyourself is an AI tool designed to help job seekers prepare for behavioral interviews. The application curates questions and answers based on the user’s experience, skills, and persona, providing a personalized report in just one minute. The tool works by extracting necessary information from the user’s uploaded resume in PDF format, which is then analyzed using GPT technology. The result is a structured report that helps users identify specific examples that highlight their strengths, personality, and problem-solving ability, which can be used during the interview. Behavioral interviews are used by employers to understand how job applicants behave in real-life situations, providing insight into their work style, character, and abilities. The app’s report has answers to commonly asked questions for behavioral interviews, reducing the time, and effort needed for job seekers to prepare for such interviews. The tool aims to provide a comprehensive report of 25+ questions and answers for specific job roles in the future. The app is free to use, and users can pay per report if they require more reports. Files uploaded on the app are deleted immediately after the report generation process is complete, ensuring privacy. The tool provides job seekers a way to save time and be more confident in their ability to answer questions during behavioral interviews. Overall, the app is a useful resource for candidates who want to make a good impression in behavioral interviews and land their dream job.

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Featured on February 25, 2023



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