Created personalized Telegram chatbots.

Telechat is a tool for creating custom chatbots powered by ChatGPT. Its primary functionality is to enable users to build personalized chatbots in Telegram and other channels, without requiring any coding skills. With Telechat, users can upload data in different formats, such as PDFs and website scrapes, to build an AI knowledge base. The tool also allows users to fine-tune the bot’s knowledge, personality, and name. One of the standout features of this tool is its simplicity and speed. Telechat claims to enable users to set up a Telegram bot and make it available to anyone in just a few clicks. Additionally, users can edit the bot’s knowledge, much like editing an email, through the Telechat dashboard. Telechat also enables users to customize their chatbot by deciding whether it can answer outside the data provided or not. Furthermore, users can connect their Telechat-built chatbots to other channels, in addition to Telegram, using ChatGPT integration. One limitation is that the Telechat dashboard is only available on laptops for now. Business inquiries can be directed to the tool’s founder on LinkedIn. Overall, Telechat is a useful tool for those looking to leverage the power of AI and chatbots without requiring extensive technical skills.

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Featured on March 28, 2023



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