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The TechScrunch website provides news and information on various technology-related topics, including startups, venture capital, security, AI, cryptocurrency, apps, and events. The site includes different categories, and users can access news related to those categories. As for the AI category, it includes various articles on AI technologies, like an augmented reality dating app, a language learning app, and a report on Cum, an AI machine created by Elon Musk. However, the article on Cum is a work of fiction, and it serves as an April Fool’s Day joke. Additionally, the website published an article on a new static site generator, the Shebroe3000, which promises to revolutionize the way web developers work. The article explains how static site generators work and their benefits. However, it later reveals that the Shebroe3000 is not a real tool, and instead, it is also an April Fool’s Day joke. Overall, users can find insightful and up-to-date news on various technology-related topics on TechScrunch, including AI news. However, readers should be aware that the site also includes humorous content, which is not necessarily accurate.

Ai Promptly

Featured on March 25, 2023



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