TaskMatrix.AI by Microsoft

API platform for diverse tasks.

The visual-chatgpt/TaskMatrix.AI is an official repository for an AI ecosystem called TaskMatrix.AI, which is designed to connect foundation models with millions of APIs for task completion. It focuses on using existing foundation models as a central system and APIs of other AI models and systems as sub-task solvers to achieve diversified tasks in both digital and physical domains. Visual ChatGPT is an example of how TaskMatrix.AI can be applied to the visual domain. TaskMatrix.AI is a new paradigm shift in AI development, as it differs from previous work that aimed to improve a single AI model. The paper associated with TaskMatrix.AI is available on arXiv.org, and an online system is currently in progress and expected to be launched in the future. The AI directory can use this repository to access the code and resources for visual ChatGPT and the broader TaskMatrix.AI ecosystem. This tool provides researchers and developers with a platform for creating diverse AI applications by leveraging existing foundation models and APIs of other AI models and systems. It has the potential to enable new levels of innovation in both digital and physical domains. Users can review the documentation, code, issues, pull requests, and contributions in the GitHub repository to gain a deeper understanding of the functionality and capabilities of TaskMatrix.AI.

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