Conversational interface for open-source project.

Talk-to-ChatGPT is a Chrome extension that utilizes speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies to enable users to interact with the ChatGPT open-source project in a voice conversation. It adds a little box at the top right corner of the user’s screen, where they can toggle voice recognition on and off, change the bot’s voice (text-to-speech), skip the current message, and access the settings menu. This extension supports all major languages from the Google Chrome API and is completely free of charge and open source. It is designed to add functionality to the default ChatGPT text-only interface and can be used by opening the ChatGPT home page and clicking the START button. The version 1.6.1 update fixes an issue with Chinese language sometimes skipping sentences and the 1.6 update adds a ‘send word’ option to manually send messages when auto-send is disabled.

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Featured on December 22, 2022



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