Synthetic data for secure and reliable real-world data.

Syntho is a self-service platform that generates synthetic data using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Synthetic data refers to data that is artificially created, similar to real-world data, but without exposing sensitive, personal or private information. The platform offers extended features that support the Syntho Engine, which is responsible for generating synthetic data. Syntho’s synthetic data technology ensures the accuracy, quality and safety of the data generated by its platform. Synthetic data generated by Syntho can be utilized as an alternative to real-world data, making it valuable for testing applications, building strong data foundations, and creating next-level product demos, all without compromising privacy or confidentiality. Syntho’s synthetic data has been designed to provide consistent and reliable results across various sectors.The platform offers career opportunities at Syntho, providing information about the team and the company’s values, as well as relevant downloads. Syntho’s pricing plans are available for subscribers to choose the right plan for their needs. Additionally, Syntho has a PII scanner to prevent sensitive personal information from being exposed through datasets or databases. Overall, Syntho is a useful tool for organizations that need to accelerate their data-driven tech solutions by generating accurate, high-quality synthetic data.

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Featured on October 31, 2020



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