Synthesizer V

Revolutionary vocal synthesizer for music production.

Synthesizer V is a revolutionary AI-powered synthesizer created by Dreamtonics. It enables users to create life-like, responsive singing vocals without the need for a human singer. Leveraging a deep neural network-based synthesis engine, Synthesizer V is capable of generating incredibly realistic vocals in English, Japanese, and Chinese. It also features customizable vocal modes like chest, belt, and breathy, as well as dynamic features like AI retakes and isolated aspiration output. Additionally, Synthesizer V Studio provides users with the ability to import MIDI files and enter lyrics, as well as integrate with VST3 and AudioUnit interfaces. Synthesizer V Studio is available in both a free and Pro version, with the Pro version allowing users to unlock unlimited tracks, customizable AI pitch generation, and no core limits when rendering. With Synthesizer V, music production has been taken to the next level and users can now create clean vocal tracks with ease.

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Featured on June 23, 2020



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