Real-time customer behavior insights for businesses.

The Real-Time Customer Insights tool by Symanto is a business solution that leverages artificial intelligence and psychology to provide real-time insights into customer behavior. The tool promises to help businesses stay ahead of their competitors and grow their return on investment (ROI). The website’s privacy policy indicates that Symanto employs necessary, preference, statistics, and marketing cookies to offer personalized content and ads, functions for social media, and to analyze access to their website. These cookies also allow Symanto’s partners to combine user data with other information for analysis purposes.The tool’s primary objective is to help business owners understand their customers’ motivations and pain points better to make informed decisions for their brand. The platform integrates psychology-based insights with AI-generated data to deliver actionable insights that businesses can act on to drive growth. Symanto highlights the tool’s ability to provide real-time insights, which means that companies can respond quickly to customer needs and adjust their strategies accordingly.Overall, the Real-Time Customer Insights tool by Symanto is a promising solution for businesses looking to stay ahead in their industry by better understanding their customers. The tool integrates AI-generated data with psychology-based insights to deliver real-time insights that businesses can act on to improve their ROI.

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Featured on September 14, 2020



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