Superpower GPT

Management and export of ChatGPT conversations.

Superpower ChatGPT is a Chrome extension that provides additional functionality to the ChatGPT user interface. The tool allows users to select and export any number of their chats into multiple formats, such as .txt, .json, .md, etc. It also allows users to search through all their previous chats and highlight results for quick review. The tool boasts of having over 190 different languages and allows users to change the ChatGPT response language with one click. Users can sync a copy of all their chats locally to their computer and have full control over it. Other features include adding history to user input, pinning important messages in each conversation and quickly accessing them using a quick navigation sidebar, and a prompt library. The prompt library allows users to get inspiration from hundreds of other prompts created by the GPT community and share their prompts as well. Users can upvote, downvote, and report prompts and sort them based on the most upvoted. The tool is fully customizable and allows users to add word and character counters, select and delete a group of chats, enable/disable safe mode, and read a popular daily AI newsletter right inside ChatGPT. The tool is user-centric, and the only data stored on the server is the public prompt shared by the community, user name, and email. Everything else, including prompt history, conversation history, etc., is saved locally on the user’s computer, and they have full control over it. The extension does not save any of the user’s conversations in the database, and the developer assures users that they will never sell user information.

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Featured on February 27, 2023



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