Quickly generates context-setting summaries of articles.

Summari is a free AI-driven article summarizing tool that helps users save time and get the gist of a text quickly. It works on any device and in any environment, such as on desktops with the Chrome extension, mobile phones with the iOS and Android apps, and in Slack or Teams with the Summari bot. Summari uses cutting-edge AI to generate summaries of articles, newsletters, and more in seconds. It includes a context-setting introduction, concise headers to capture the key points from the original content, and detailed bullets to provide additional context. It also includes comprehensive and high-quality summaries written by humans and AI to maximize speed and comprehension. Summari is trusted by people on top teams and can be used by students, teachers, content marketers, finance and consulting professionals, and news buffs. It can help people read more news, reduce research time, simplify text into key ideas, and pre-write notes.

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Featured on November 21, 2022



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