US Citizenship test prep study guide.

The US Citizenship Practice Exam is an AI-powered study guide designed to help individuals prepare for the US Naturalization Test, which is required for obtaining US citizenship. The guide includes questions in various languages and is graded by GPT, an OpenAI-created AI. The actual test is an oral exam graded by a USCIS officer, and individuals must answer six out of ten questions correctly to pass. The resource was created by Evan Conrad and is available for free use online. The guide is aimed at providing users with an array of questions to help them prepare for the US Naturalization Test, with a specific focus on the Supreme Law of the Land as well as additional questions related to US history and government. Users can find the full list of questions and rules on the website. The project is also inspired by other civic works, such as Plymouth Street, YIMBY Action and Institute for Progress, who are working to make the USA faster at doing things like processing immigration paperwork. Overall, the US Citizenship Practice Exam serves as a useful resource for those seeking US citizenship, providing them with the tools necessary to succeed in the Naturalization Test.

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Featured on March 21, 2023



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