Customizable app creation platform.

Sttabot is a no-code AI application development platform that enables users to create and launch their own ChatGPt-like AI apps on the web, without the need for coding skills. The tool takes prompts and turns them into AI-powered apps, empowering users to customize the feel and look of their apps, and publish them on the web in seconds. With trusted tools for customer segmentation, broadcasts, and integrations, Sttabot is designed to help businesses integrate AI into their operations. Sttabot is also designed to save time and increase productivity, as users can create and launch apps in just three simple steps, which include describing the AI, customizing the feel, and launching the app. The platform offers three pricing plans that cater to different team sizes and budgets, starting with a free plan that allows unlimited pages and templates and accommodating up to five guests. Sttabot is trusted by over 200 top global firms, startups, and builders, and offers a gamma test program that provides early access to the platform’s latest features. The platform provides essential resources such as whitepapers, Crunchbase profiles, and Pitchbook profiles, making it attractive for AI enthusiasts and professionals.

Ai Promptly

Featured on March 21, 2023



Create, deploy and monitor ML models on a platform.